A fully integrated campaign focused on connecting a new apartment building with local nonprofits, businesses, and community members.

When the team at Red Propeller approached us to collaborate with them on a launch campaign for The Danforth, we were immediately drawn to the idea of creating a community-focused campaign that gave back to local organizations and businesses in Capitol Hill and First Hill.

Client: Columbia Pacific Advisors

2017 - Current

Marketing Campaign Strategy, Wild Posting, Public Relations, Social Media, Graphic Design, Influencers, Event Production




Our concept for their launch campaign, called Live Well, Do Good, Have Fun, was to create a sweepstakes contest (with expensive local experience prize packages) that would benefit three local nonprofits - Country Doctor, Seattle Humane, and Artist Trust. Each entrant could also submit a vote for a nonprofit - and the winning nonprofit would receive an additional $2,500, on top of an existing $2,500 donation for partnering with The Danforth.

The campaign was called Live Well, Do Good, Have Fun.

Social media graphic designed for one of the nonprofit partners

Social media graphic designed for one of the nonprofit partners



Event Production:

To promote the contest, we produced a series of events that utilized neighborhood business and nonprofits, which we then invited local influencers to attend and in turn promote the contest by showing their support on social media. Our events included an exclusive contest launch party at OOLA Distillery, an outdoor pet adoption event, a closing celebration to present all the prizes, and a building opening party for the staff. Each event was designed, organized, marketed, and produced by our team.


Social Media

We built their social media presence from scratch by creating a content mix that showed off their amenities but focused on their local community connections. Our team conducted eight interviews with local businesses owners and wrote short editorial pieces on the story of each one. The interviews and posts provided The Danforth with a way to make connections with their community and establish themselves as part of the neighborhood.

Our neighborhood interviews & features on social media helped build connections between The Danforth and the local community.

Danforth Social Media Portfolio.png
Danforth Cafe Presse Interview.png
The Danforth Seattle Instagram


Wild Posting

A crucial part of our contest promotion was the wild posting campaign that spanned 8 weeks and covered many high-traffic locations in Seattle’s city core. Based on traffic data from Seattle’s Department of Transportation, we estimated that these postings earned up to 3,864,000 impressions.

Over 3 million potential impressions in 8 weeks.

Seattle Wild Posting Downtown



Our fully integrated campaign resulted in over 1300 unique entries to their promotional contest in just three months, and generated local community interest about The Danforth. Based on feedback we received from community members and business owners, many people were excited to see an apartment building do something entirely different from other properties by giving back to the neighborhood in very tangible ways.

Our campaign generated 1300 unique entries and established The Danforth as a positive part of the local community.