Take it outside.

The poster: it’s classic and it works. Our distribution services will get your event or business in front of people in high-traffic locations where your potential consumers work and play. We offer a variety of different formats and styles to play with - there are plenty of creative ways to get your message out.

Since our founding, we’ve promoted events that attracted and entertained millions of people in Seattle, Portland, and nationally. Music venues, museums, festivals of all types, non-profits, brands and more.

We will work with you to create a campaign that maximizes both your reach and budget.

Contact us at posters@nwpolitesociety.com for more information.



Pole Posting

How does it work?

We hang your posters on telephone poles in key neighborhoods and we refresh them throughout your campaign.

what’s the benefit?

  • Affordable

  • Works as core campaign or augment to larger campaign

  • Awareness in high-foot traffic areas

who uses pole posting?

This is a frequently used option by venues, events/festivals, theaters, non-profit orgs, independent bands, and more.


Where do you distribute?


Capitol Hill
Custom upon request






Retail Placements


We distribute posters, flyers, or coasters to retail shops such as restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. We can target specific neighborhoods or evenly distribute in a city-wide blast. Additionally, we can provide recommendations based on our demographic data and local knowledge to optimize your campaign.

All campaigns include proof of placements & photo documentation.


  • Visibility in busy retail/dining areas

  • Awareness where target consumers live, work, or play

  • Distribute both posters and/or flyers

  • Present an offer using flyers (discount code, coupon, etc.)


Who uses Retail Placements?

Retail placements are used by just about any type of business! We frequently have non-profits, events, museums, and festivals among our clients.

Where do you distribute?

Seattle (Most neighborhoods)
Eastside (Greater Seattle Area)

Price Range:  $-$$


Wheat Pasting

How Does it Work?

A budget-friendly counterpart to our wild posting service, wheat pasting involves pasting four 11”x17” posters or a single 24”x36” poster on light and electrical boxes around the city. Our campaigns can target specific neighborhoods in the city.

All campaigns include reports with photo documentation.

What’s the Benefit?

  • Creative outdoor visibility on a smaller budget

  • Reinforces campaign in key areas


Who uses Wheat Pasting?

This service is most frequently used by mid-large scale events and festivals as well as brand-supporting wild posting campaigns.

Where do you distribute?


Price Range:  $$


Wild Posting

How Does it Work?

A guerrilla marketing classic, wild posting is for anyone looking to make a huge impact on the streets. Our postings utilize entire walls or sides of construction sites covered in 24”x36” posters in high-traffic locations in urban areas.

All campaigns include our reporting service – you’ll know exactly where your posters end up. You’ll receive a pin-drop map with a complete list of locations and photo documentation.

What’s the Benefit?

  • Mass awareness

  • Visible to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic

  • Our largest format option

  • Allows for multiple unique designs


Who uses Wild Posting?

Our clients include sports teams, arts organizations, retail businesses, and more.

Where do you distribute?

San Francisco
Los Angeles
New York

Price Range:  $$$



For added convenience - we also print! You just send art files directly to us and we take care of everything else. We are able to print posters, flyers/postcards, banners and more.


Graphic Design

Give your business or event the best chance to shine with our design services! Our capabilities cover everything from poster design to full-scale branding & identity campaigns - you can learn more about our current work and past process here.