Activation: T-Mobile Pride

Reveal Your Superhero - our activation concept for T-Mobile’s Pride booths in 2018.

After working with us for several years, in 2017, T-Mobile asked us to design and execute their Pride activations in different cities across the US. We created a fun photobooth experience that included a Pride flag photo mosaic. The following year (2018), we decided to amp it up with a new theme “Reveal Your Superhero” with superhero themed costumes and props and a comic book cover design for the photos themselves.


Client: T-Mobile

2014 - Current

Activation Concept & Design, Brand Ambassadors, Graphic Design

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 4.06.31 PM.png

Initial Design & Concept

Our conceptualization of the project included an in-depth consumer walkthrough of the experience with illustrations of each stage.

Brand Ambassadors

With a roster of talented brand ambassadors, we executed the activation multiple times in three cities (Seattle, San Francisco, Houston) during Pride Season.


Over the course of seven activations during Pride season, the estimated number of interactions was 26,000.

Event Photos

T Mobile SF Pride 2018-16.jpg
T Mobile SF Pride 2018-10.jpg
T Mobile SF Pride 2018-34.jpg