Creating moments.

How do you cut through the noise? In a digitally-dominated world, we still believe there’s value in face-to-face and hand-to-hand interaction. Your potential customers get to engage with your business, whether it’s through brand activations, interactions with brand ambassadors, or attending an event.



Brand Ambassadors

Ambassadors represent your brand and interact face-to-face with your target audience to help achieve your business objectives. Through these interactions, brand ambassadors turn brands into experiences and gain meaningful consumer insights in the process. Types of activations include the following:

  • Hand-to-hand: Flyer distribution directly to the hands of your potential consumers.

  • Vendor Booth Demos: Live demonstrations of your product at a vendor booth.

  • Product Sampling: Allowing potential consumers to try out your product at a retail location or event.

We have a roster of experienced brand ambassadors to deliver concise messaging and a management team in charge of planning, logistics, and reporting for events of all different sizes.


Brand Activation Design

To draw customers in, first you need to have a fun and creative way to engage them. Let us design a fun and creative activation for your brand that your audience will enjoy interacting with! We’ll concept your activation from end to end - how your consumer will interact with the entire experience and how it connects back to what you’re trying to promote.


Event Concept Design

If you’re looking to create an event from the ground up - our event production team is here to create a fun and interesting concept to draw crowds and create an experience.


Event Production

Producing events of any size is no easy task, but our experienced events team is up to the challenge. We are here to help turn your idea into reality no matter the scale. Our customized event packages can cover concept development, permitting, vendor management, sponsorship development, talent booking, graphic design, marketing, event execution and more!