Polite Society Picks - Shop Small in Seattle

Photo by Yvonne Chan at Ritual

Photo by Yvonne Chan at Ritual

Here at Polite Society we are big fans of supporting other small businesses, so for this installment of our blog we asked our staff to share their favorite place to shop small in Seattle.

Hans: Retrofit Home.  Not just a furniture/home furnishings store -  they always seem to find something fresh and local - Plus for 14 years they have been doing a $100 and under group art show supporting some great local artists.  Love!

Shelby: Baleen in Ballard is my go-to shop for unique, handmade jewelry & accessories for myself, as well as interesting gifts for others. The owners are fans of of good design and believe that thoughtful, beautiful objects don't always have to be expensive (bless them). It also doesn't hurt that it's a couple blocks from my house, so I can pop by in a pinch and always find something special! 

Yvonne Chien: Prism in Ballard is an amazing, carefully curated shop with beautiful clothing, accessories, and home wares. It's a great place to go when you want to beautify your home or closet, and when you have an empty wallet it's also the perfect shop to discover artists who sell uniquely designed items! 

Serene: I love to roam around Swanson's Nursery. I'm not good at keeping my plants alive yet... but I'm learning! It's fun wandering through their various plant displays as well as grabbing a bite at their cafe, watching the koi and perusing their shop for jewelry, books and general home decor. 

Chuck: When I want something special like a suit, Khulman's on 1st Avenue. When I want to just look for something for me, Pacific Galleries Antique Mall. Great finds and some amazing midcentury and northwest art. There are a lot of small places I like, Melrose Market, Chop House, Stock & Pantry.... I could go on but will leave it here. 

Desmond: Jive Time in Fremont has an amazing selection of records and the staff is very knowledgable. The only downside is that every time I go, I end up spending way too much money on records! :)

Yvonne Chan: I love the Plant Shop on Pine St. in Capitol Hill! They have an excellent selection of low-maintenance plants and friendly staff that will help you find something you only need to water once a month! 

Sarah: I love Ritual on Capitol Hill. I wear something from there nearly every day, and it is close enough I can stop by for a Tarot reading on my lunch break or a glass of wine after work!

Dru: Is Mudbay small? (Like his beloved cat, Dru is a man of few words)