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We love our neighbors! For our newest blog segment, we will be taking a closer look at some of our favorite neighbors by chatting with them about their business.

Our first neighborhood feature is Gabriel Villenave of Outer Planet Brewing, located on 12th Avenue in between Howell and Denny. Outer Planet specializes in small-batch beers that are constantly rotating to keep fresh flavors on tap every day. “We want someone who comes in every two weeks to always have one new beer to try, every time. That’s kind of the guiding principle,” says Gabriel about their brewing philosophy.

Despite the constraints of operating a nano-brewery in a small taproom, Gabriel says he loves the culture of the small-batch brewing. “We can... do more experimental recipes, and try them out. And if it’s not popular, that’s fine because we just have a little bit of it. Bigger breweries can’t do that because if they brew a batch, it’s going to be ten barrels or more, so it’s going to be impossible to sell if the beer doesn’t turn out great”. The only downside to these small batches is not being able to go often enough to try everything!

In addition to the great rotation of beers on tap, patrons choose Outer Planet for the intimate community vibe. “We’re all from the neighborhood. I live a block and a half away and I have for a few years,” muses Gabriel. “Other neighborhoods have different things, but the set of things that we have on [Capitol] Hill is very unique to the Hill, it’s really a specific identity and that’s what I like about it… We’re happy to fit into that.”.

Outer Planet exemplifies many of our dearest values here at Polite Society, from community building and personal relationships, to quality beers about which the neighborhood can be proud. He says Capitol Hill “is great, everything is accessible from here, transportation is great. You can find everything within a half-mile radius that you can possibly want; tons of shops and restaurants and bars, and you can just walk to everything that you want. There’s a cultural thing that’s very unique to Capitol Hill. Especially around 12th avenue; you have 12th Avenue Arts... we even have a partnership with the Washington Ensemble Theatre that’s in residence there.” We love seeing a fellow community member flourishing in the tight-knit community on Capitol Hill. We are lucky to be able to call Outer Planet our neighbors and friends.

.Join us for a pint today and see how they are always aiming for the stars at Outer Planet Brewing! Don’t forget to say hi to Gabriel and the staff and thank them for their hard work and community building. See you at the bar!

P.S. We first started this project for our client The Danforth. A shortened version of this interview can be found on their socials.

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