Polite Society Picks - Seattle Sweets

Photo by Yvonne Chan, for Cafe Pettirosso

Photo by Yvonne Chan, for Cafe Pettirosso


From Halloween to New Year’s, it’s basically sugar season! We asked our staff to name their favorite sweet treat in Seattle, and here’s what we came up with.

Serene: Cafe Besalu in Ballard has the BEEEEST pastries! Just coming within a one block radius of the spot, you can smell the buttery goodness wafting in the air. Love that place!

Tracie: Hiroki. I have honestly not been wowed by another mango mousse cake since I left Davis, CA several years ago. That all changed when I stumbled across Hiroki in the Green Lake neighborhood. Ever since that day, I cannot resist the craving for a sweet slice of heaven from time to time and Hiroki always satisfies that need. 

Dru: When in need of a sweet treat, I default to Frankie & Jo’s Ice Cream in Capitol Hill. Gingered Golden Milk and Salty Caramel Ash on a Waffle Cone! 

Sarah: If I am going to go for dessert, it is almost always in liquid form, and my favorite place to go is Triumph Bar in Queen Anne. Their bartenders are amazing and will always help me find the perfect after-dinner wine, or whip me up a crazy good cocktail. But if you like a more food-based dessert, their salted caramel bread pudding is incredible! 

Yvonne: Bambu makes these delicious Vietnamese dessert drinks and puddings that are filled with all kinds of fruits, jellies, and toppings in coconut milk and they are SO GOOD. My favorite one is called “Fruit Addict”!

Hans: Bakery Nouveau. Delicious. World Class. Will make you fat unless you have super-human self-control - OR - you cross-fit so hard every day that you accidentally pee your pants, - OR -  you have the metabolism of a hummingbird. Maybe all three. 

Desmond: My hands down favorite cupcake in the world is the "Dance Party" (Vanilla buttercream frosting on vanilla buttercake) from Cupcake Royale. 

Chuck: Bakery Nouveau  - they make a pretty good cake and they make a pretty good baguette and I would pick a fresh baguette with butter and salt over any cake, candy or what have you. I think I could live off fresh baguette with butter, oh we were talking about sweets? They make a good cake. It's where I go when I need one. Yes it's what I do.   



Yvonne Chan